GCSEPod provides educational resources to support GCSE-level students and teachers. As a Content Designer my role involved working in both Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create assets, layouts and animation that would be combined with voiceovers to create short videos for each subject. I worked with a small team of in-house designers, we all followed the overarching house-style as well as subject specific style guidelines.
Content Production

During my time at GCSEPod I worked on a range of subjects, below you can see stills from videos of English, design & technology, food technology and biology content. 
Content Development

I was the lead designer on producing content for a short story taught in English called 'A Family Supper' by Kazuo Ishiguro. Development involved reading the story and the scripts I would be designing, noting a list and description of all characters, objects and scenes that would be needed. The overall visual style of the chapters was created, 

I researched Japanese custom and house structure at the end of the 20th century, when the story is set, while taking into account traditional beliefs and materials mentioned in the story itself. I chose to present the information on-screen in grids inspired by traditional tatami floor layouts and was inspired by the Studio Ghibli film, 'Only Yesterday' and this list of traditional colours of Japan

After the research and planning phase I created all assets using Adobe Photoshop, often creating multiple states for the characters (eg. eyes closed, eating, sitting, standing) this meant that during the content creation phase I could just drag and drop smart objects into my sequences, this increased my efficiency. I'm very proud of this project and hope that it is providing an enjoyable way for students to learn about the story.
Vector Design

Below you can see a variety vectors created for various subjects. 
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