As part of the marketing team tasked with re-designing the company website for desktop, I prepared for the task by teaching myself Adobe XD in my spare time.
GCSEPod’s existing website design was chaotic, using vivid colour gradients and displayed dense information throughout. After researching existing e-learning websites a common trend was that they felt spacious and calm, reassuring potential customers that their products were accessible and worthy of investment. There was a tight time constraint on the completion of this project as the company wanted to launch the new website at the start of school term, management’s feedback was also very slow to return to us. 
Taking all of this into account, we opted for a simple, clean yet striking design with clearly defined sections that could be rearranged or edited quickly when feedback arrived. 
Unfortunately, due to time limitations we were not able to design a mobile version of the site and our desktop design was interpreted by the programmer, this led to a disappointing result where usability took a massive hit due to overlapping assets.
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